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Annual "Gifts for Grub" fundraiser which has been going annually for the last 19years. A new toy is donated in exchange for a hot meal at the fundraiser dinner. We collected 240 toys last year. Several toys to each child from families who made requests directly to The Ugly's of Haines Inc. included 24 families. The remainder of the toys collected were given to the Haines Salvation Army for further distribution. The time given to this even is 50-60 hours collectively from club members. Thus, the even is traditionally don on the 2nd Saturday of December each year. This event furthers our excempt purpose which is to provide kindness experience, accessible


Annual Scholarships for Haines students and alumni.

The Ugly's of Haines donates $10,000 yearly in scolarships to Haines students and alumni. We provide five, $1,000 "Leg-Up" Scolarships for continued education (number and amounts may vary year to year). Also, we provide one, $5,000 "Vocational Trade School Scholarship" for attending a trade school. Applications for scholarships are available on the Haines School web-site and from the school counselor. We receive at least 30 applications for these and spend about 30 hours collectively by the membership in selecting the most qualified applicants. This event furthers our excempt purpose which is to provide kindness experience, accessible

Monthly Kindness

Membership meets each month to review any and all requests for assistance be it by financial support, skilled labor from members, or community support. Examples include: donations to American Legion, school sport travel expenses, fire victim donations, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, school band travel, Haines Adventure Scouts, Hospice of Haines, Haines Hot Shots, Haines Sportsmans Association, medical donations, Southeast Alaska State Fair, Salvation Army, golf camps, Haines Snow Burners, skilled labor for Haines Animal Rescue Kennel, providing Christmas trees, decorating Haines Assisted Living Center. By creating kindness experiences, accessible to all in the Haines community, we can enhance the lives of others and by doing so enhance our own. We feel this furthers our exempt purpose which is to provide a kindness experience, accessible to all in our community.

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